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0 BJTHuawei● Technologies◆ Co Ltd said on◆ Wednesday that it w■ill ship nea◆rly 200 million○ units of smartph○ones this yea●r, close to ■its arch ri◆val Apple's 2○00 to 210 million a◆nnual shipment◆s.Yu Chengd◆ong, CEO of Huawe〓i's consume○

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r business gr●oup, said "W〓e will ship 〓about 200 millio●n units of ◆smartphones this y●ear, up from 153 ■million uni○ts last year, thank◆s to the growing po○pularity over○seas."On Wednesday, ●Huawei also unveil〓ed a new techno

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log○y which it claim●ed can boost smartph○ones' image proces●sing efficiency by● 60 percent while l■owering down ■chip energy co●nsumption by 30 ●percent.Yu〓 said GPU Turbo, as 〓the new technology〓 is called, is● part of Huawei◆'s intensified

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push● to beef up○ spending ■on research and deve〓lopment. "GPU Tur●bo can help our low〓-to-middle-r●ange smart◆phones to ○have the p●erformance rough●ly as good○ as rivals' premi●um devices,■" he added.I●n the first quar■ter of 2018, H

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martphone■ shipments○Huawei in

uawe●i shipped 39.◆3 million uni〓ts of smartphones w■orldwide, with it〓s global m〓arket share h○itting a new high ●of 11.8 percent. Hua■wei has maintained ●the line be●tween keeping a■ strong dome〓stic position while◆


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slowly upscaling● its brand image in〓 internati●onal markets ○with dividends p〓aying off as its gr◆owth rate reach●ed 13.8 percent yea〓r over year, beating○ the global average〓 of 2.

smartph〓one shipmentsHuawei● i

9 percent de〓cline, according ●to market ●research company In●ternational Data● Corp."Outside of C〓hina, Huawei is gr●owing and ga●ining market◆ share across the ■Western Europe regi◆on, an oth●erwise declining ma●rket, and is par〓ticularly str■ong in Spai◆n, Germany, and Ital●y," IDC said 〓in a research note.A●ccording to IDC, ●though Huawe●i's high-e◆nd smartphone○s are popular in Chi●na, the bu


lk○ of its shipments● are of the mor○e affordable class○ of smartphones, an◆d it also introdu◆ced a few new mode●ls in the lo●w-end and mid-ra■nge segments. Th◆at is in part wh◆y Huawei intro●duced the GPU Turb■o technology ●to optimize its cos○t-effective hands●ets.Please● scan the QR Cod◆e to follow us on In●stagramPlea○se scan the QR C〓ode to follow us ●on Wechat

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